Thursday, January 3, 2013

16 Days of Christmas Vacation: Day 9

Bet you guys thought that I ran off again? Nope, we were just out of town. We couldn't go on our first half of the vacation journey due to the snow, but had no issues getting to the second part. The only bad thing for an internet junky like me was that there was ZERO wifi and the only thing I could get on my phone was edge. BOO.  So now I shall take you back in time....

Day 9: December 30th
Sorry. I can't rotate the picture. Apparently the computer is being hateful. Anyway, See those bullet hole? I did that. First time ever shooting a gun. Looks like I am pretty good and can protect myself if I need to.  We had a competition shooting at various distances. I only came in last by two points. Which should be crazy talk since everyone else is totally awesome and stuff. Ditz won, as if there was any doubt. 

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