Thursday, May 30, 2013

The Random Cell Phone Dump Post

I thought I’d just do a random cell phone dump of all the things I’ve been doing since I last posted.


Physical therapy on my ankle for 8 weeks in hopes that I could start running again. This is one of the exercises that I am still doing. (To catch you up, I sprained my ankle for the millionth time on Thanksgiving Day and then found out that I tore all of the ligaments in my left ankle. I wore an ankle stabilizer for six weeks before going into PT for 8 weeks. When I left I was able to run 1 mile without hurting. That was in February. It’s practically June and I still can’t run more than a mile. I can’t even walk more than a mile. More on that in some other post by itself maybe).


The new shoes that I have yet to wear for more than a few miles. I love them so much though.


I’ll continue the whiney non-runner theme. I get to do this every other night. Awesome.


A picture from February when I thought I’d be running half marathons again. (I missed one that I was registered for on Monday. That sucked.) That was probably the last time I actually ran-ran. (as opposed to running a few steps and them wimping out).


I hung out a lot with these girls. Here we are celebrating L’s birthday.


Here we are that night that we went to see Wicked the Broadway musical.


We did Karaoke. On a karaoke bus no less.


I was only able to participate after a couple of huge shots. : )


I got new glasses. I think they make me look smart. I should wear them more often.


D and I made orange-o-latterns which was pretty cool. They make great candles.


Got a new piece of furniture for the bedroom and finally put some stuff on the walls.


Went to dinner with one of D’s bosses and the owner gave me a rose when we left.


Went to a work event with this crazy girl. Why does the bandana look so much better on her.

And lastly, spent lots of time with my bestest friend and some times managed to covertly get him into pictures.


Here we are at Lake Grapevine. I think he was photographing the water?


And here we are at the Fort Worth Botanic Garden.

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