Monday, November 4, 2013

Our New Home

I am so excited to finally start sharing some really fun news and pictures to go with it! We’ve closed on our new house!! We’re saying goodbye to our old digs (goodbye post to our first house coming soon) and hello to our new adventure in home ownership.  We closed on October 24 and we’ll be making the official move on November 16, but until then we’ve spent most non-working time at the new place as it needs a lot of TLC.


Here’s the before / after of the first two weekends worth of work on the new place. Just the little bit that we’ve done has totally improved the curb appeal. The guy we bought the house from never did any maintenance which worked out well for us price wise, but now we have to put in lots of labor to get it beautiful again. On the plus side, we now own almost four heavily wooded acres.


A close-up of the front door as this was my big project from this past weekend. I painted the door a gorgeous green.  We knew we wanted something to make the door actually stand out and after a lot of time on Pinterest this is what I came up with. It’s really pretty in person and way better than the brown with tan trim. (I also updated the trim to white to match the windows.)


And the last small thing that made a huge difference that we’ve accomplished so far is the back deck. That one huge tree limb is gone so now you can walk down the stairs without having to duck underneath.  The guy we bought the house from tried to use that as a selling point, but we weren’t buying it. (He said it was better than an umbrella. Which is funny because it’s heavily wooded it doesn’t get that much sun at all. We think he was just lazy).

Anyway, once we get some of the interior done, I’ll be posting some more!

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