Friday, January 3, 2014

2014 Photo of the Day: Three days in

Well, after a long hiatus from the photo of the day game, I am hopping back in. We just purchased a new house and one of the great things about our old house is that we have tons of pictures from various projects and just in general pictures of that house. I did three and a half years of the photo of the day there and thankfully we'll have tons of great shots of our first house. This current house is meant to be our long term house so I really want to record this first year of all the projects that we do and as much as I know that not all pictures will be of the house, but enough will sneak their way in and I'll have a great little collection of pictures. Just like in the old house. So that's a pretty long explanation, but whatevs.

And with that, my first three days:

January 1 - Day 1
Happy new year and all that Jazz. Just some tinsel from the Joneses Christmas tree (his dads, FYI, these Joneses didn't put up a tree this year)

January 2 - Day 2
Every year I get a new Christmas ornament for the tree that we never seem to put up.  For 2013 we got the new home ornament, kind of fitting as a POTD being as the reason I decided to start back up again has to do with the new house. 

January 3 - Day 3
One of my favorite things about this house when we looked at it was the kitchen and more specifically the very large island. Tonight's dinner was stir fry and it worked out well that Mr. J could cook on the cooktop while I continued to chop the vegetable. We have a new oven coming soon and I am so ready to add knobs to the cabinets, but other than that I love this view of the kitchen. 

So there we go. The start of the POTD again. Hopefully I will get to post pictures regularly.

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