Friday, January 10, 2014

7 More Days

I'm not trying to make Friday night a regular night to post, it just so happens that we have no life.  I made it through another week, which honestly shouldn't be shocking because I did this project for three and a half years straight, but it seems that I have zero time lately, so I seriously was not sure if I'd make it ten days.

January 4th
A Christmas gift that we got.  It lightens up a semi dark shelf in the living room. I actually liked it enough that as soon as Ditz finishes a bottle of booze then I am going to make another for the other shelf. 

January 5th

Our main criteria for our new house: trees. Well, we might have went a tad overboard as we have been cutting down and thinning out. Here's is the pile that has been cut down to firewood sized. Directly behind this pile is about fifteen trees that haven't been cut down to size yet.  I will also freely admit that that some of the pieces you see here my dad cut when he was visiting. 

January 6th

I don't eat paleo, but the great thing about the paleo diet is that it is gluten free and dairy free and for those in the know, know that those are bad things for me to eat.  This is one of my favorite cookbooks lately and on this night I made their chili. 

January 7th

THE HOUSE. The new one. Sigh, we wanted trees well here you go. We're in the process of clearing up and cleaning out as the previous owner had kind of let it go to crap. (Actually in his opinion that isn't true. He liked the "natural" state of things).  I'm not sure we'll ever have grass, but we're going to try. I expect major to the front area in the next year or so.

January 8th

New books waiting for me when I got home from work today. The top three is a trilogy, I'd already finished the first one when I ordered all three (the first one I'd read as a library book). So far book two is pretty good. It's my night stand book so that means it will be about three weeks to finish. I have four books going at all time and the nightstand book takes the longest to finish. Ironically work-lunch books usually go pretty fast. 

January 9th

The new neighborhood. Those big bunches of trees on the left are where we live.  I love how much space there is between neighbors. We are the proud owners of over 3.5 acres and it is truly the best after being in a cookie cutter neighborhood. 

January 10th

So here is Ditz's new click and grow. It came on the ninth and then we spent a frantic hour looking for his special Thai Basil seeds.  Seems I couldn't remember where I packed them or if I unpacked. Crisis was eventually averted and we got the seeds planted. So hopefully in two weeks we'll start seeing some growth!

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