Sunday, January 26, 2014

So yeah, here's more POTD's

This week was sort of a crazy week, which you'll get to see through some very weird photos. (weird = random).

January 18
Found this blue leaf in the wild. Ha-a, not really. I was spray painting some hooks and moved one of the leaves caught in the over spray all by itself. I can imagine a saying of be an original plastered over it and selling in hipster type stores. : )

January 19

The bonus room of the new house. This room houses the last of the boxes and the bookshelves house all of the randomness that we don't know where to put it. Everyone loves this room when they see if for the first time. So much potential. Windows on three sides. Bar in the corner. Now we just need to by a huge table for the middle to turn it into the ultimate tinker room.

January 20

Hello random. This is where I store my things to wear tomorrow. A shelf in my closest which I will soon take a picture of because it is seriously one of my favorite spaces. 

June 21

I'll soon do a whole post on this project, but here is the finished installed new window and trim. Love it. Now if only the brass could go away. 

June 22

So, first bike ride in four months. When we put the old house up for sale we had to store them at the in-laws and then we had an ice storm followed by them being buried in the garage. When I finally got it out the chain was busted so I had to wait a few more days to get it fixed and then it was time for the first official ride. Secondary note - the hills in this neighborhood are awful. Also if I took this after the ride there would have been no smile on my face. 

January 23

Casino Beach park at Lake Worth. Just a few miles from the house. It was grey and cold (20 degrees at 5:00 pm when I took this). It was an impulse stop, but I liked the picture. 

January 24

My friend JM does all these quotes in her office on the chalk board. She had a Christmas one up until this week. I was so happy to see it go that I took a picture.  Also my favorite picture of me, JM and NH is on the left. I have a copy in my office as well. 

Janaury 25 

This is the photo of the day. It looks very scary movie with the coloring and the birds. Taken at the turn around on our walk today at the Trinity river. We also went to the log cabin village and I got a couple of good pictures there as well, but I went with this one anyway. 

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