Saturday, February 8, 2014

14 Pictures / 2 weeks / half a month

January 26th
I had high hopes for this bean soup recipe. Turned out too salty so I had to cut it with way more rice than I intended. If I think it's too salty, then you know it's too salty.

January 27 
Girls night out / dinner date with N, J and L. I love our little girl get togethers.  I especially like it when we go to Gloria's even though my drink of choice is not on the happy hour menu. : ( 

January 28 
My favorite thing about the new house: the neighborhood. I love taking the dogs for a walk where you don't have to worry about tons of cars speeding through the neighbor hood or people watching you. (One of the old neighbors was a bit of a peeper out his window. It was creepy since you always felt like you were being watched). 

January 29 
Gummy airplanes. I wasn't allowed to eat them until I could name them. That was a bit of an intense google search and one of the planes (the middle one) I ended up having to be told since I never figured it out. 

January 30 
When you are out of things to take a picture of, checking in on the progress of the plants is always a good shot.  Here's the basil coming right along.

 January 31
Our new cooktop was installed.  I have to say I really love it. 

February 1
Finally got around to celebrating my birthday only three months late.  Food was good, company was great.

 February 2
Dear winter - go away. Seriously. Ice storm on Super Bowl Sunday had us inside and cozied up most of the day. Got out my big girl camera and 100 mm macro for this shot. 

February 3 
I have big plans for the entry so I thought now would be a good time to take a before picture (That and I needed something to shoot). Always by the door, a pair of rain boots. Man do I love rain boots. 

February 4 
Hannah girl. I am so very hateful and made her wear my ear cover and then I attached her favorite lamb toy to her head.  You can't see in the picture but Chase was circling her freaking out because she "had" the toy.

February 5 
This is actually my favorite picture from this set. It's blurry and not the best focus, but I just like it.  I took it while on a walk during lunch. Did I mention it was 26 degrees?  That is bleeping cold. 

February 6 
The back of the house with our dual decks. Oh yeah and a bit of snow. Good times. 

February 7 
I need a long lens. I need a long lens. I need a long lens. Maybe if I repeat it enough one will show up.  That bird right there is a cardinal and it is very pretty and poses for such lovely pictures as long as I am far a way. Must work on the long lens situation.

February 8 
Manual focus for the win. This duck is actually super tiny and this is the first time that I have ever really captured it!

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