Friday, July 31, 2009

07.31.09 Photo of the day

Today's photo was delicious!! Ditz decided to make homemade jalepeno peach cobler. On the way home from work I picked up the peaches, the jalepeno, and the rum. He did all the work on the cobbbler while I was making shrimp gumbo for dinner (which was also great, but doesn't photograph well).

Ditz in California

A few of the cool photos Ditz took in California.

This one is his favorite. I think it's super cool.

Scrapbooking Pages Completed this week

So, now that my 2009 book is up to date (with the exception of Ditz's California photos), I have decided to go back in time to 2007 and scrap that year. Why 2007, who knows. I had a challenge at Designer Digitals that one of the photos worked best for, so I went with it and decided to do that year. If you want to read the journaling or anything, you can click the link at the bottom of this post and it will take you to my Designer Digitals Gallery.

07.30.09 Photo of the Day

The photo for the day for the 30th is a picture from the DFW International Airport Terminal A baggage claim. After three and a half weeks in California, Ditz made it home! I know how much he hates having his photo taken, so I just took a quick snapshot of the baggage claim number. This too is not one of my greater shots!

Thursday, July 30, 2009

07.29.09 Photo of the day

Today's photo is not that great in anyway, but since it was raining I didn't have a lot of choices. The good news was that I hit the Netflix Trifecta today, three new dvds. We got the last two discs of TrueBlood (which is great!) and Push. I hope I get time to watch them this weekend.