Friday, December 28, 2012

16 Days of Christmas Vacation: Day 7

We spent the day at his mom's house playing games, watching, and eating, lots of eating. For lunch we had elk chili, yum, and for dinner turkey soup, double yum. The plus was not having to cook it ourselves. We ended up watching Men in Black 3, which his mom swore she'd seen, until we started watching it and then she remembered she hadn't seen it. LOL. Before that we watched Batman: The Dark night Rises. It was seriously the longest movie EVER. Plus we stopped it about ten times. 

Day 7: December 28
This is Cojac, my M-I-L's dog. He hates being photographed and never looks into the camera (unless he can't see it). Still I liked this one best for today.

A few more random shots:
In this one he couldn't see the camera, I was too far away. The road distracts me something awful in this one which made it not the POTD.

This game. Ugh. I won, but only because I know slightly more pop culture than them. The other games we played I lost pretty handily. 

This awful snapshot of me and the MIL. Taken by me. : ( 

Hannah. She's my little poser monster. She'd stand anywhere for however long it take me to get a shot. 

Love this old truck. 

Thursday, December 27, 2012

16 Days of Christmas Vacation: Day 6

Boring day today. Went and got haircuts (much needed on both our parts) and grocery shopped.  So today's photo of the day is kind of boring.

Day 6, December 27
These cute socks that my father-in-law Joe got me for Christmas. They are quite fun and very comfy too!

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

16 Days of Christmas Vacation: Day 5

Well, we were supposed to be in Arkansas today, but we got 3 inches of snow here and my parents got 13 inches of snow at their house, so our Arkansas trip for the year got cancelled. Instead we spent the day inside watching a Raising Hope marathon. We watched the entire first two seasons.

Day 5: December 26
It was FREEZING cold, but I did go out for a little bit and get some shots of the dogs playing in the snow. We actually do have more snow in a different part of the yard, but when I'd throw the ball over there I would end up having to go get it since they kept losing it in the snow.

I also took a few other shots. Here they are for your amusement. 

Generally Chase gets the ball and Hannah just runs with him and barks. 



And every now and again I pick up my brownie project and I thought the snow would make for a cool back drop. 

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

16 Days of Christmas Vacation: Day 4

It's Christmas! And if you are in Texas it's also SNOWING!!!

Day 4: December 25
This was a tough one, but at the end of the day I am a big nerd. These are the puppies in front of the tree. It was Hannah's first Christmas and she wasn't sure what to do. I had to open her gifts for her. Chase was too concerned about where the food type gifts were to enjoy the non-food type gifts.

Snow dog. Chase LOVES the snow.
This is why. Both dogs love the edible treat from the sky. It's hard to get them to do their business with the white stuff on the ground. 

And just so you can see how excited they get.

16 Days of Christmas Vacation: Day 3

A day of cleaning and final gift wrapping. We did manage to get out for breakfast where I enjoyed this great peppermint hot chocolate. I love that I can get this during December. I'd like to start a petition for year round!

Day 3: December 24

Sunday, December 23, 2012

16 Days of Christmas Vacation - Day 2

Christmas with the family!

Day 2- December 23rd Photo of the day
At the in-laws. Just loved this shot today for some reason. I see it every time I go, but this time I actually took the picture. 

And since it was "Christmas", here are a few more.

Grandpa Joe with the leaf blower.

D & J digging.

J & J

R getting something probably exciting. 

D getting a fun faces thing.

D getting a gift card. I don't remember getting gift cards that young. 

R getting her big present. J did good. 

Every year instead of getting gifts, Ditz and I make up a game that the adults get to play and there are cash prizes. This was this years winning team. All the girls minus Judi. This years game was opposite family fued where the object was to get the least amount of points. It was pretty fun. 

16 Days of Christmas Vacation - Day 1

The hubs and I are both taking a wonderfully long vacation this holiday season, so I thought I'd get back to sharing my photo of the days by showing you the 16 days of our Christmas vacation. 

Day 1 - December 22
Ditz putting in lots of hard work on a handmade Christmas present. I attempted to help, but since I am the least crafty person in the world, I was kicked off the project pretty quickly. Hopefully I'll get to show you the finished product at some point!

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Hey Guys!

Here are a few pictures from the past few months.

Ditz and I at my Christmas party. He hates having his picture taken so he makes faces. Not only was this picture posted on Facebook, it was posted here and on my company blog. Maybe he'll quit making faces? 

My sweet friend Natalie and I at the Christmas Party

This is me. New favorite picture of myself. It really screams me. 

My other sweet friend Laura and I.

Me, Antoine & Natalie - The Dallas team minus Leticia. 
My department. I run these guys! Love them all bunches!
Natalie, Jen, me & Pam - some of my work girls. I have no idea what bad thing was happening to my hair. 
I did a doggy photo shoot in August. My two dogs are on the left and my mom's dog is on the right. We got some really great shots.

Then a shoot a month later in my backyard with my mom's new puppy. 

Ditz, my mom, my dad and I all ran** a 5K on Thanksgiving. Ditz is not amused. 

We all got these really great medals. Ditz is still not amused. He beat me by a lot so he should have been happy. 

Here we are at the start. I said we ran** a 5K because everyone else did. I tried, but in the first quarter mile I rolled my ankle for the bagillionth time. I ended up tearing all three ligaments in my ankle. No running and intense physical therapy for the next 8 weeks, awesome. PT started in mid December and I've been told I'll be lucky if I am running again (or really doing any high impact activity - I'm only cleared to cycle) late February / early March. Big frownie face here. 

Why doesn't he smile? This was the day we got Judi to be adventurous and eat new to her foods. We ended up eating escargot pot pie. It was actually pretty good. 

Then we were the ultimate tourists and took a horse drawn carriage ride through downtown Dallas. 

Yes, we posed with the horse. Hello, we are cool. 

Monday, October 1, 2012

Dusting off the old Blog

It's been a while since the last post.  Here's a little bit of what's been going on in the last few months since the last post!

D and I had our fourth wedding anniversary and he sent me these very pretty flowers!
I've been doing some running...
Some biking....
I got a new office at work (we moved into a new building). I have a really big window now which is awesome!
Attended some work meetings. (Totally can't survive with out Burt's Bees).
Might've texted this guy a lot during said meeting making fun of stuff......
Ate some yogurt (we'd just finished yogurt when this picture was taken).
And my parents came to visit. 

So that catches you up! Until next time!!