Wednesday, September 30, 2009

09.29.09 Photo of the Day

I started this book last night. Yep last night and by the end of my lunch I was a little more than halfway through. I just couldn't put it down! I ended up staying up until almost midnight so that I could finish and since I get up for work at five, I am running low on sleep!! This was a sequel to one of her previous books that I also devoured, so I should have known that I wouldn't be able to put it down. For anyone who likes Jodi Picoult, I highly reccommend Diane Chamberlain. They have similar styles and her latest book even says that she's the Sourthen Jodi Picoult. (

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

09.29.09 Photo of the Day

Sung to the tune of the wheels on the bus...
This is how we tease the dog

tease the dog

tease the dog

this is how we tease the dog so early in the evening

Monday, September 28, 2009

Scrapbook Pages Completed

09.27.09 Photo of the Day

We were practicing our faux finishing techniques on a piece of cardboard. This is the biggest project that we've done in our house and we are quite nervous about how it will turn out!!

09.26.09 Photo of the Day

So, we finally took the leap. We are faux finishing our stark white cast concrete fireplace. Today we sanded and put down our base coat, which is accidentally the same color as our wall. I promise that was not on purpose. So we finished the bas coat and now it's like the fireplace disappeared. Now to do the glazing! Here's crossing our fingers!!

Friday, September 25, 2009

09.25.09 POTD

Today the weather was so nice in Dallas (70 degrees at lunch). So I drove down to the park near my office to have lunch and take a few photos. There was a bride there having her bridal portraits taken in the area around these little bronze sculptures. There are about seven of them all playing different instruments. I couldn't decide if they were fairies, trolls or something else all together.

09.24.09 Photo of the Day

A friend of mine asked me to shoot a few shots of her so that she could update her facebook page. We took a few in her office and a few in our patio area. She liked this one the best, so I tried to lessen all that noise in the background to the best of my ability. I like a picture of her laughing just a little bit better, but went with the one she chose since afterall it was a picture for her. : )

Thursday, September 24, 2009

09.23.09 Photo of the Day

So I think my lilies are confused. It's not the time for them to be blooming, but here they are blooming for the second time this year. So weird.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Shows I am tuned into for fall

Scrapbook Pages

Just a few of the pages that I have done recently. Trying to get my mojo back.

09.22.09 Photo of the Day

I'm filing this one under the "I should know better column." I really shouldn't go to Half Price Books at lunch. I know better. I always end up buying books. I am (with the edition of these five books) forty one books in the hole. That's right, I have forty one books at home all begging to be read and I just keep buying more. I am swearing off the book store until I get that number down to manageable!

Monday, September 21, 2009

09.21.09 Photo of the Day

The buttons on my brand new orange shirt! I love orange!!

09.20.09 Photo of the Day

This chandelier would look great in someone elses house, it's just not our style, so Ditz is taking this one down to put the cool new one in it's place! He got annoyed when I tried to take another picture, so this is the only one I got.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Saturday Photos

Yesterday I took a lot of really great photos (my oppinion), but since only one could be the photo of the day, I figured I would go ahead and highlight the runner's up. We went out to Argyle to help Ditz's mom take the dogs to the vet and spent most of the day there just hanging out.

09.19.09 Photo of the Day

Ditz found this guy while we were over at his mom's house. That's his really big hands holding the poor little guy.

09.18.09 Photo of the Day

So, I finally went back to work after almost a week out with the flu. There ended up only being a few of us in the office because there were six people out sick. We apparently are all a little too close at the office!! This picture was taken at 2:00 in the afternoon and is showing six peoples cubicles.

Friday, September 18, 2009

09.17.09 Photo of the Day

This is the apple that I had for my afternoon snack yesterday. Chase gets so excited when I have an apple because he gets to eat a bite or two off the core!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

09.16.09 Photo of the Day

A weed is but an unloved flower.- Ella Wilcox
Still too sick to go anywhere other than the backyard. We've had so much rain in the past two weeks that we haven't been able to get out and do anything about these little buggers that keep popping up.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

09.15.09 Photo of the Day

It's official, I have the flu. I went to the doctor today and they shoved a qtip up my nose for the test. (boy I could've lived without that). Then I got to go to Target to pick up my prescription. I felt so bad, I wasn't even able to walk around and enjoy myself. Boo.

09.14.09 Photo of the Day

I may have created a monster. In order to get the dog to pose for a few shots, I began giving him a treat when he would stand still for a photo, now anytime I have the camera out, he sits down and just looks at me. Like I am here, I am smiling, now give me a cookie.

Monday, September 14, 2009


Just in case anyone is wondering. I still don't like meatloaf, even though Ditz told me that since I like meatballs that I would love meatloaf. So, I let him make it for dinner last night because I was still too sick to make anything else. And now it's official. I really don't like meatloaf. I ate it because I was hungry, but don't get me wrong... I don't like it.

09.13.09 Photo of the Day

So, I am still not feeling super great, but we did manage to get out of the house and go for a drive in the rain. I took this picture about two miles from our house. It can change from city into country pretty quickly in Fort Worth.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Galveston Vacation Book

Click here to view this photo book larger

09.12.09 Photo of the Day

Rain rain go away. On top of being sick, we're now having uber dreary weather! Here are all the birdies on our fence!

09.11.09 Photo of the Day

Imagine how many toys would be in the house if we ever have kids! These are Chase's two current favorites, the horse and the gorilla.

09.10.09 Photo of the Day

Stayed home sick and I spent the majority of the time here on my couch. Notice my blanket, pillows, CheeseNips, water & sonic slush. The sonice slush was to make my throat feel better. : )

30 Minute Masterpeice

It's all day chat time over at DD. Wish I felt better, but I am having a hard time kicking this cold. Anyway, here was my 30 minute masterpiece.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The Nines (Includes 09.09.09 Photo of the Day)

So for 09.09.09, I went all out and took tons of 'nines' pictures!!

My calculator (staged)

Nine of the 24 available Viking colors

There was actually work to be done today

Picked up a sandwhich for Pam and she gave me $9. This was not planned.

This is the photo of the day!!


Today is 09.09.09!! Not as cool a dates as 08.08.08, but not a bad one either! Today my goal is to be paying enough attention at 9:09 am and take a photo and make that my photo of the day. Not sure if that will actually happen or not, but here's hoping!! Also tonight at Pei Wei they are having a special: bring in a package of ramen and get their new ramen dish half off. We're probably going to do that since my allergies for the last few days have been going haywire!!

09.08.09 Photo of the Day

You can't really tell what's going on in this photo. It happened so fast that I am surprised that I actually got a photo at all. Ditz was sitting on the couch enjoying a red delicious apple. Chase LOVES apples. When Ditz was done we were talking and he was holding the core in his hand. All the sudden Chase grabbed it and started to run away with it. This is the photo of Ditz laughing and pulling the core back (that's what the blurry thing in the right corner is).

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

09.07.09 Photo of the Day

This is kind of cheating, but I did actually take this picture. I thought that we needed a group photo, so we all met down at the beach before leaving to go home. I set up the shot and then hit the timer button. I could have killed myself jumping over all the rocks!

09.06.09 Photo of the Day

The boys were going to go fishing again this morning and left in plenty of time to be on the water by 8:30 or so. That is until they got to the marina and this little storm popped up. I was on the beach walking and waiting for Lisa and Ryan to get ready for the day and got a picture of the storm that ruined the boys morning!

09.05.09 Photo of the Day

Ditz is probably going to kill me for this one, but he was just so darn cute in his fishing hat. The boys were going to go fishing in the ocean and after a late start to the day it was a mad scramble for them to get on the boat. The girls left them at the marina and then about an hour later we were called back because Hunter had left his fishing license in the car. Clearly he had forgotten about how he got a ticket from the game warden in December for failing to have his license on him....

09.04.09 Photo of the Day

We had a pretty bad thunderstorm come through on Thursday night and even though we were trying to get out the door and get on the road, I still stopped to take a few pictures of the garden. Our flowers always do a few good days of blooming after a hard rain.

09.03.09 Photo of the Day

This was an attempt at Natalie running to me for Katrina's class. I am such a bad photographer because I did not realize at the time that my lens was dirty!! I don't think that the shots would have turned out any better anyway. We were in the parking lot of our office and she just wanted to get it done before too many people showed up. I personally think that the ones of her walking back to reset are better, but she asked me not to use those. I can't blame her. : )

Friday, September 4, 2009


Why is it so hard to get Ditz out the door when we are going out of town? He hates packing, so his clothes are not completely packed and we should have left an hour ago. He's completely hopeless!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

09.02.09 Photo of the Day

Two days in a row I've done Chaser pics. This was after playing a while with his horsey (which Ditz swears is a giraffe). He was trying to get Ditz to throw it again!