Thursday, February 24, 2011

02.24.11 - 55/365

02.24.11 - 55/365, originally uploaded by Sarah (SarahDanyelle).

It was rainy today. Even so I needed to get out of the office so I took a wuick walk around the park. Not really I photo walk since I did more walking than photo taking, but it still was just the push I needed to get through the day!

02.23.11 - 54/365

02.23.11 - 54/365, originally uploaded by Sarah (SarahDanyelle).

This picture makes me think of the line in Kanye West's song Heartless - "You got a new friend, well I got homies." I feel like these little bears are all homies. I don't really know why.

02.22.11 - 53/365

02.22.11 - 53/365, originally uploaded by Sarah (SarahDanyelle).

We've been really into rice since we got the rice cooker. Actually, I think we always were, but now it's like every mean instead of just four or five nights a week. Thisi s my favorite type of rice - calrose by Botan. It's extra-fancy or that's the lie they put on the bag.

02.21.11 - 52/365

02.21.11 - 52/365, originally uploaded by Sarah (SarahDanyelle).

Today's photo of the day is brought to you by the letter O - orange. Orange you glad I didn't tell a joke??

Sunday, February 20, 2011

02.20.11 - 51/365

02.20.11 - 51/365, originally uploaded by Sarah (SarahDanyelle).

Yes, it was four o'clock in the afternoon and I was already in my pjs. I was enjoying a wonderful afternoon (mid 70's here) sitting outside and reading a magazine. This page is called a moment for yourself. If you could read the words (and holy crap if you actually read them) it says that one of the ways to take the reins so to speak is to do something that very second that you enjoy. So here it is. Photography. (however the pj thing is very high on my love to do list.)

02.19.11 - 50/365

02.19.11 - 50/365, originally uploaded by Sarah (SarahDanyelle).

Say hello to my new car. I love it! I hate that the only picture I was able to get was a quickly snapped iPhone picture, but by the time the paperwork was all signed and we were ready to leave it was too late. It's a Murano and it is wonderful.

02.18.11 - 49/365

02.18.11 - 49/365, originally uploaded by Sarah (SarahDanyelle).

One of the things that always creeps me out about playing fetch with Chase - the amount of grass that ends up in his mouth. Obviously this was not a whol bunch, but it still creeps me out just the same.

02.17.11 - 48/365

02.17.11 - 48/365, originally uploaded by Sarah (SarahDanyelle).

That project that we started. Still not sharing what it is. I think the more work we do the more I want it to turn out ok since we have spent so much stinking time on it!

02.16.11 - 47/365

02.16.11 - 47/365, originally uploaded by Sarah (SarahDanyelle).

The radio DJ I listen to in the mornings always brags about being Amazon Prime. Yeah, well we're Amazon Prime, too. Want to know what that means? We pay a yearly fee for free expedited shipping. What does that really mean? The UPS guy hates us. When we think of one little thing we want, we just order it. I think we got sandpaper in this box. Last week we got something everyday. It would seem that we might be addicted at this point, lol.

02.15.11 - 46/365

02.15.11 - 46/365, originally uploaded by Sarah (SarahDanyelle).

A day after finishing the worst book I've read in a while, I started reading this book, which is the fourth best book I've read all year (the Hunter Games Triology takes the top three spots). The book is called One Day and it follows two people's lives for twenty years, but only on July 15 (each chapter is July 15, just a different year.) It was just a fascinating way to tell a story!

02.14.11 - 45/365

02.14.11 - 45/365, originally uploaded by Sarah (SarahDanyelle).

I've been trying to make a habit this year of taking a picture of all the books I read as i read them. This book had such promise, but alas, I did not care for it in the least. I contemplated not taking it's picture, but I know not all boos can be winners. The irony is that I decided to take it the day I finished reading it - Valentine's day.

02.13.11 - 44/365

02.13.11 - 44/365, originally uploaded by Sarah (SarahDanyelle).

Butter. Good old butter. I am convinced it makes everything taste better. We made from scratch chicken fried rice and it was amazing! and yes, we did use all of that butter.

02.12.11 - 43/365

02.12.11 - 43/365, originally uploaded by Sarah (SarahDanyelle).

Started working on a project today that invloves that blue tarp and the orange gloves. I won't say exactly what it is because it may never get finished or turn out horrible.

02.11.11 - 42/365

02.11.11 - 42/365, originally uploaded by Sarah (SarahDanyelle).

It always make me laugh when I see the difference in the types of books we each like to read. Bottom three are his, the top one is mine. It's a total piece of chick literature. HIs are all sciency and stuff. (However i did nuy them, so does that mean that I am all sciency too?)

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

02.10.11 - 41/365

02.10.11 - 41/365, originally uploaded by Sarah (SarahDanyelle).

I am loved. Or spoiled so my mom would say. My Valentine's day present showed up today at my office. It hails all the way from Australia and is saphire (my favorite gem) and tanzanite. And do you want to know what it's sitting on? Snow. Um, hello, I thought I lived in Texas. In a two week work period we have had five snow days. It's just craziness.

02.09.11 - 40/365

02.09.11 - 40/365, originally uploaded by Sarah (SarahDanyelle).

My new favorite thing in our whole entire kitchen. It's the most wonderful rice cooker / steamer / slow cooker ever. It was a tad pricey but totally worth it. I've made some type of rice in it every night since we got it!

02.08.11 - 39/365

02.08.11 - 39/365, originally uploaded by Sarah (SarahDanyelle).

The other day I posted a picture of my junk drawer and on this day decided to share my most of my desk with you guys. It looks like this all the time. Spic and span. Oh yeah, and we're still Longhorns fans (see 02.06.11)

02.07.11 - 38/365

02.07.11 - 38/365, originally uploaded by Sarah (SarahDanyelle).

Another day another office birthday. This cake was awful (yes, I had a bite, glad I didn't eat anymore of it). It was kind of pretty and supposed to be really lemony but it was really just plain bad. I kind of felt bad for A since it's his first birthday with the company and everyone elses that he's been to has ben fabulous. I added the blueberries because I thought it looked cool No one agreed with me.

02.06.11 - 37/365

02.06.11 - 37/365, originally uploaded by Sarah (SarahDanyelle).

Super bowl Sunday! First time I've ever lived in the city where they were having the super bowl. (Sorry people who came into town for the super bowl, our weather was just awful). Before the big game we headed over to Ditz's mom's to play Uno. And eat popcorn. Yeah, we're Longhorn fans.

02.05.11 - 36/365

02.05.11 - 36/365, originally uploaded by Sarah (SarahDanyelle).

So, I know many a photographer that do this and I must admit that I do it too. I bought these guys on clearance at Target. Not because I paint my nails, but so that I could take their picture. This isn't the "picture" that I am taking. I'll ponder that for awhile and then do something really cool with them. But for now, It's just a regualr old snapshot.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Just a little project that I did today.

Aren't snow days exciting?

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Friday, February 4, 2011

02.04.11 - 35/365

02.04.11 - 35/365, originally uploaded by Sarah (SarahDanyelle).

Weed? Flower? Not sure. All I know is that I am sure it was darn cold in the snow. I let Ditz pick my photo of the day for today. He picked it sight unseen and chose this one because he pointed out the group of flowers...weeds...whatever. : )

02.03.11 - 34/365

02.03.11 - 34/365, originally uploaded by Sarah (SarahDanyelle).

Chase is curious as to why I will not kick the ball. Just because the snow was now frozen over and he couldn't actually runn on it without falling he still wanted to know why I was being the jerk. Taking his picture instead of throwing the ball. Look see the ball, it's right here. Just kick it, lady. (That's what he calls me - lady. Don't ask me how I know that. )

02.02.11 - 33/365

02.02.11 - 33/365, originally uploaded by Sarah (SarahDanyelle).

So this turned out to be an ice day. Everything you see on the road there was a solid sheet of ice. In some places it was three inches thick. We don't do well with the ice here in Texas. I'm just saying.

02.01.11 - 32/365

02.01.11 - 32/365, originally uploaded by Sarah (SarahDanyelle).

The first of FOUR snow days in Texas. Schools closed, not going to work stuck at home snow days. I thoroughly enjoyed them that is for darn sure! This little brownie wanted to play in the snow. Who am I to say no?

01.31.11 - 31/365

01.31.11 - 31/365, originally uploaded by Sarah (SarahDanyelle).

I might have sprained my big toe. Or broken it. Not really sure which. Anyway, had to pick up this to take care of my toe!

01.30.11 - 30/365

01.30.11 - 30/365, originally uploaded by Sarah (SarahDanyelle).

We finally finished the TV nook! We get the TV for Christmas and then spent most of the month of January looking for a TV stand for it. Finally found this one. Next to go, that awful coffee table...that's right, coffee table, I've got my eye on you.

01.29.11 - 29/365

01.29.11 - 29/365, originally uploaded by Sarah (SarahDanyelle).

This picture was taken with my iPhone. I actually had my big gril camera with me and would have attempted to take this shot but I have a feeling people would have thought it was weird. I wanted something that looked sort of edgy and this is what I ended up with. I really like it.