Friday, March 25, 2011

03.24.11 - 83/365

03.24.11 - 83/365, originally uploaded by Sarah (SarahDanyelle).

I admit it. I am addicted to this place and the wonderful books that they have for a really great price. I always have to be very careful to not get carried away and buy thirty books at one time (yes, I did that once). Today i left with three which seems reasonable until I tell you that I went on Monday, bought a book and finished yesterday. Hopefully these last a few more days!

03.23.11 - 82/365

03.23.11 - 82/365, originally uploaded by Sarah (SarahDanyelle).

The hubby has a new hobby. Any guesses?

03.22.11 - 81/365

03.22.11 - 81/365, originally uploaded by Sarah (SarahDanyelle).

Another photo walk day with my friend Tina. We went to a park that turned out to be super boring. Some kid left their ball. I almost brought it home for Chase, but in the end I left it there and just took the picture.

03.21.11 - 80/365

03.21.11 - 80/365, originally uploaded by Sarah (SarahDanyelle).

Yummy dinner with a capital Y. Sauteed zuchinni, grape tomatoes, garlic, onions, edemame, lemon, juice and thyme then topped with a little feta cheese. It was pretty yummy if I do say so myself! And I really like zuchinni bokeh, lol.

03.20.11 - 79/365

03.20.11 - 79/365, originally uploaded by Sarah (SarahDanyelle).

When we planted our front garden we somehow ended up with lots of purple (which is funny because neither one of us is a huge fan of purple). Anyway, three days ago we notice little buds and then on Sunday we woke up to this! Notice the other purple flower in the corner also going crazy!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

03.19.11 - 78/365

03.19.11 - 78/365, originally uploaded by Sarah (SarahDanyelle).

I love these grain elevator things near our house. You can see them from about ten miles away and on my way home from work I know that I ma pretty close as soon as they get within sight. I wish I could've gotten a little closer or at least at a different angle, but I like the picture anyway. I only stopped to take it because that cloud up there was round when I started to stop and then it started breaking apart before I could snap the photo. (today's prompt was round).

03.18.11 - 77/365

03.18.11 - 77/365, originally uploaded by Sarah (SarahDanyelle).

Peeps. I don't eat them, but they make wonderful subjects! You never have to worry that one is looking the wrong way or anything. Plus they go where you tell them. ; )

03.17.11 - 76/365

03.17.11 - 76/365, originally uploaded by Sarah (SarahDanyelle).

I saw this shoe four days in a row at the park. Everytime it was in a different place. I am assuming some little kid lost it and then some other little kids were playing with it. I snapped this picture on the fourth day and then on the fifth it was gone.

03.16.11 - 75/365

03.16.11 - 75/365, originally uploaded by Sarah (SarahDanyelle).

A friend and I went on a photowalk today at lunch where I had choosen a bunch of random words and we each had to take pictures. She's just learning how to use her dSLR and I thought it'd be a fun game. One of the words was edge and this is my edge shot.

03.15.11 -74/365

03.15.11 -74/365, originally uploaded by Sarah (SarahDanyelle).

Have I mentioned yet how much I love spring? These are blooming just outside the park where I go for lunch. I will be so sad once the wonderful weather leaves and it's too hot to sit outside and read at lunch.

03.14.11 - 73/365

03.14.11 - 73/365, originally uploaded by Sarah (SarahDanyelle).

I love how green things are getting around here! It makes for wonderful bokeh!! That's some sort of cable wire that I happened upon today. I like how it just melts away.

03.13.11 - 72/365

03.13.11 - 72/365, originally uploaded by Sarah (SarahDanyelle).

Inspired by Teragam (hers is better). I'll probably play with this again since I waited a little late in the day to snap it.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

03.12.11 - 71/365

03.12.11 - 71/365, originally uploaded by Sarah (SarahDanyelle).

A quick road trip to Texarkana to have lunch with my mom. On the way back we opted to sight see. We stopped here to see where we wanted to go and while Ditz was getting the internet up and going, I snapped a few pictures of this sign in Hooks, Texas. The truck stop, restaurant and motel is closed now, but the sign still looks cool.

03.11.11 - 70/365

03.11.11 - 70/365, originally uploaded by Sarah (SarahDanyelle).

Friday night at the in-laws before heading out to dinner. The sun was setting and I thought about how I very rarely take a shot that shows an entire scene. I generally prefer close-ups, so this was a departure for me!


031011-11.jpg, originally uploaded by Sarah (SarahDanyelle).

Today's photo of the day - a photo of photos! Doesn't it blow your mind? I am working on a project from a friend. Her daughter's 40th birthday is in April and I am helping her make her a thisis your life book. It's tons of fun!

03.09.11 - 68/365

03.09.11 - 68/365, originally uploaded by Sarah (SarahDanyelle).

Our yearly king cake from John. Finding the baby is good luck, but now they can't actually insert them in to the cake anymore. Apparently lots of people were choking on them. Those people are special. : )

03.08.11 - 67/365

03.08.11 - 67/365, originally uploaded by Sarah (SarahDanyelle).

Just a quick snapshot at lunch. I actually put these three guys together. I actually really like the concrete step. Makes it look kind of cool.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

03.07.11 - 66/365

03.07.11 - 66/365, originally uploaded by Sarah (SarahDanyelle).

I really like taking pictures of the books that I am reading. It's kind of fun and might be the only year that I remember every book I've read. I love Diane Chamberlain. I've read all her books excpet this one which was published in 2000 and was quite hard for me to locate at the Half Price bookstore (this is a 2010 reprint, but I am thinking that they didn't reprint that many of them since I have been looking for it for about six months).

03.06.11 - 65/365

03.06.11 - 65/365, originally uploaded by Sarah (SarahDanyelle).

Yeah, our dog is spoiled. Enough said.

03.05.11 - 64/365

03.05.11 - 64/365, originally uploaded by Sarah (SarahDanyelle).

I've taken a picture of this spot before (sometime last year) but that was before I got my lovely new canvas. One of my favorite pictures that I took last year. I just love how great it looks that big. It probably won't stay there very long since I've ordered another picture for that spot, but for now I love seeing it when I cook. Although it'll be equally as nice to look at here in my office which will be it's final resting place!

03.04.11 - 63/365

03.04.11 - 63/365, originally uploaded by Sarah (SarahDanyelle).

Has spring sprung around your neck of the woods yet? We're just getting blooms starting and it is so very exciting! We're thinking about getting one of these trees for our backyard. I'm just waiting to see what they look like after the pretty flowers go away!

03.03.11 - 62/365

03.03.11 - 62/365, originally uploaded by Sarah (SarahDanyelle).

The annual home owner's association in our neighborhood. Every year it's the same people arguing about the same things and we never really accomplish much. This year was even worse - we were forced to sit through a slide show of all the pictures one of the ladies took at the various events throughout the year. There were so many blurry shots, underesposed, overexposed and just really bad ones tha I just wanted to cry. And it went on for fifteen minutes. Sigh, maybe I should volunteer my time at some of the events to photograph.

03.01.11 - 60/365

03.01.11 - 60/365, originally uploaded by Sarah (SarahDanyelle).

I was at the park just enjoying the beautiful weather when I looked over and saw this sitting on the ground next to a tree. Some people are just plain rude! I picked it up and threw it away when I was leaving and then I wondered if someone was on the jogging path and left it there to pick up later....but probably not.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

02.28.11 - 59/365

02.28.11 - 59/365, originally uploaded by Sarah (SarahDanyelle).

My favorite afternoon snack! I very rarely buy it because I seem to eat it pretty quickly!

02.26.11 - 57/365

02.26.11 - 57/365, originally uploaded by Sarah (SarahDanyelle).
Had dinner out with friends and thought I'd snap a quick shot on the way home. So, I still really haven't figured out what the over my head symbol means on my climate control, so I keep pushing the button because I think I like it. I only say that so no one who does know what it means laughs at me!

It's technology time of at Beth's!  Join in the fun!!


02.27.11 - 58/365

02.27.11 - 58/365, originally uploaded by Sarah (SarahDanyelle).

Just doing a little yard work on a super lazy Sunday! I promptly snapped pictures of these weeds and then removed the from our lawn. I swear they popped up in just three days.

02.25.11 - 56/365

02.25.11 - 56/365, originally uploaded by Sarah (SarahDanyelle).

Taken with my iPhone and the Instagram app. These are the stairs that lead down to my favorite park. I could hang out here all day. I'm really enjoying the weather right now so that I can go and sit and read at lunch!

I heart faces: Anything but a face

I couldn't resist this weeks theme over at i heart faces!  It's anything but a face which works out well for me since most of the people I know hate having their photos taken. Seriously, what's that all about?  Anyway, I love this picture from a session in December.  You talk into that tube and they hear you at the next station. It's super cool!
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