Sunday, January 6, 2013

16 Days of Christmas Vacation: Day 15

It’s coming to an end and that makes me super sad. Maybe I’ll just quit work and be a stay at home person. : )

Day 15: January 5


Happy new year! Yeah, I know a few days late, but they say better late than never! This particular Happy New Year headband is from mine and Ditz’s only ever NYE out back in 2005. We went to a comedy club, had a smidge to drink and rang in the new year with a bunch of strangers.  We’ve never done it since. Somehow this thing has survived two moves. Not sure how.

16 Days of Christmas Vacation: Day 14

A totally boring day with a totally boring picture to show for it. I think the only person that will appreciate this shot is my mom who often notes how disheveled my pantry is. Well, right now it is 100% clean and organized. Who knows how long it’ll stay that way.

Day 14: January 4


Just a small portion of the pantry.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

16 Days of Christmas Vacation: Day 13

Today was a great day! Started off cleaning the pantry and the bathroom (both look amazing BTW) then grocery shopped. But that is not why it was a great day! At yesterday's physical therapy appointment I was given permission to walk....without a brace....for up to a mile. Yay! I've been going stir crazy and just really wanting to run, but I have been diligently following orders. Doing at home PT daily and twice weekly PT visits. I have a half marathon in May that I already paid for that I am determined to run.

Day 13: January 3
Hey guys, It's me. You know, just walking. LOL. I was seriously excited. I got some new running toys for Christmas and I hadn't gotten to play with them yet. 

This was one of those new toys. It's a super fancy garmin that does more than my old one did. After just 1.1 miles, I totally love it. Also, my ankle hurt, but what are you going to do? : ) Yes, I know I was only supposed to do a mile, but we encountered a loose dog and I had to take a detour.
I also figured the best way to walk really slow was to take these to guys with me. Smelling everything takes time you know. 

16 Days of Christmas Vacation: Day 12

I went to physical therapy and then we ended up doing a little retail therapy and eating dinner at Outback. We're trying to blow through gift cards that we got for Christmas. There are plenty of places we don't typically eat and Outback is one of them. With a gift card we thought we'd give them another chance. Nope. Service is still bad and food is sub par. We'll stick to mom and pops. Only a few more food places and we've used them all. : ) 

After all that we had to run to his moms to pick up a package he had delivered there since we were going to be out of town. 

Day 12: January 2
This is the lamp that Ditz made for his step-dad for Christmas. Lots of hard work went into that guy. Cracks me up that they are using it in the kitchen. 

16 Days of Christmas Vacation: Day 11

New years day was just a really lazy day. We spent most of the day lounging and then watched a movie (Looper, still not sure if I liked it). After the movie we headed back home and made it back around midnight.

Day 11: January 1
I know it's really late to be posting a Christmas tree picture, but theirs was so pretty and it was the only series of shots I took.  

16 Days of Christmas Vacation: Day 10

New years eve! We always stay at his dads house over new years (that's where we were) and it's basically our fourth Christmas. One of the things we do almost every single time we visit is playing poker. We all buy in with real money and they winner gets the pot. I was chip leader several times, but ended up even at the end of the game. I walked away with exactly what I put in. Ditz was not so lucky. : ) 

Day 10: December 31
Oh, yeah. And we are getting old. We barely made it to midnight. 

16 Days of Christmas Vacation: Day 9

Bet you guys thought that I ran off again? Nope, we were just out of town. We couldn't go on our first half of the vacation journey due to the snow, but had no issues getting to the second part. The only bad thing for an internet junky like me was that there was ZERO wifi and the only thing I could get on my phone was edge. BOO.  So now I shall take you back in time....

Day 9: December 30th
Sorry. I can't rotate the picture. Apparently the computer is being hateful. Anyway, See those bullet hole? I did that. First time ever shooting a gun. Looks like I am pretty good and can protect myself if I need to.  We had a competition shooting at various distances. I only came in last by two points. Which should be crazy talk since everyone else is totally awesome and stuff. Ditz won, as if there was any doubt.