Sunday, February 23, 2014

The one where most of the pictures are blah

There are only two pictures in this whole group that I really like.  I really need to get my act together and stop taking the lazy pictures. : )

February 9
Foggy morning view on my walk. When we got back the dogs and I were actually wet so you know it was super foggy.  The really interesting thing about this shot is that the picture from January 9 is the same thing just on the other end of the street.  I guess we'll call this a foggy month.

February 10
The treadmill. Something I both love and loath at the same time. It's nice for days when the weather is too bad to be outside, but boring as all get out. I'm sure I'll be spending a lot of summer time walk / runs on here, but fortunately this was the only day in this two week period I was forced into milling it. : ) 

February 11
So yeah, here's my phone. I dropped it in July of 2013 and have basically been living with this ever since. Good times. (And stupid contracts meaning I can't get a new one). When it's sitting on my desk at work everyone comments on it. The sucky thing is the camera doesn't work. I actually had no issues with the screen looking like that so if the camera worked, I wouldn't actually even being pouting. 

February 12
I've been taking mental breaks at work lately which are generally a one mile walk through a nearby park before eating. This one happens to have a disc golf course. I can't tell you how many times I've almost been hit by a wayward disc. The people playing this course apparently suck. 

February 13
Look a tree. That's about all I have for this one. (Same park as above, just a different section).

February 14
Ah, the day of love. This year my love rebuilt my phone; replacing the broken camera, the broken home screen button, the broken flash and the broken front screen. That camera is smaller than my pinky nail to give you scale. I should've put a quarter in the picture but didn't think of that until just now. So that means now you'll see more iPhone photos. 

February 15
A new discovery for us and you'll probably see tons of pictures from here this year. The Fort Worth Nature Center is just a few minutes away from us and they have 25 miles of hiking trails. Not sure if you've noticed from some of the other photos, but right now I am into taking walks (since running on the ankle is still - a year and a half later - not the easiest thing to do). So hiking seems to be ok and I hope my ankle stays ok with it. This is the marsh boardwalk trail. 

February 16
This is the only picture I took this day. I have no idea what or why. But since it's the only one, into the mix it goes.

February 17
The laziest of lazy shots. A view on my walk today.

February 18
The eighth hole of the disc golf course. Someone ruined it with a sticker. 

February 19
Our backyard view which is always my favorite place after a walk. The thing that looks like a trail is actually the dry creek bed. It only has water in it when it's raining which is pretty cool. 

February 20
Wise words from my shoe strings. When I don't want to go exercise these little guys just taunt me. 

February 21
I went into Target for $9 worth of stuff. Walked out with $68 worth of un-needed things. : ) Oh, Target. 

February 22
Second awesome visit to the Nature Center. This time we went on the Canyon Ridge Trail and so far it is my favorite. I also think it's the most challenging. My calves are dying today!  This gem was left abandoned on the middle of the trail at some point. No idea how they got it there.

Saturday, February 8, 2014

14 Pictures / 2 weeks / half a month

January 26th
I had high hopes for this bean soup recipe. Turned out too salty so I had to cut it with way more rice than I intended. If I think it's too salty, then you know it's too salty.

January 27 
Girls night out / dinner date with N, J and L. I love our little girl get togethers.  I especially like it when we go to Gloria's even though my drink of choice is not on the happy hour menu. : ( 

January 28 
My favorite thing about the new house: the neighborhood. I love taking the dogs for a walk where you don't have to worry about tons of cars speeding through the neighbor hood or people watching you. (One of the old neighbors was a bit of a peeper out his window. It was creepy since you always felt like you were being watched). 

January 29 
Gummy airplanes. I wasn't allowed to eat them until I could name them. That was a bit of an intense google search and one of the planes (the middle one) I ended up having to be told since I never figured it out. 

January 30 
When you are out of things to take a picture of, checking in on the progress of the plants is always a good shot.  Here's the basil coming right along.

 January 31
Our new cooktop was installed.  I have to say I really love it. 

February 1
Finally got around to celebrating my birthday only three months late.  Food was good, company was great.

 February 2
Dear winter - go away. Seriously. Ice storm on Super Bowl Sunday had us inside and cozied up most of the day. Got out my big girl camera and 100 mm macro for this shot. 

February 3 
I have big plans for the entry so I thought now would be a good time to take a before picture (That and I needed something to shoot). Always by the door, a pair of rain boots. Man do I love rain boots. 

February 4 
Hannah girl. I am so very hateful and made her wear my ear cover and then I attached her favorite lamb toy to her head.  You can't see in the picture but Chase was circling her freaking out because she "had" the toy.

February 5 
This is actually my favorite picture from this set. It's blurry and not the best focus, but I just like it.  I took it while on a walk during lunch. Did I mention it was 26 degrees?  That is bleeping cold. 

February 6 
The back of the house with our dual decks. Oh yeah and a bit of snow. Good times. 

February 7 
I need a long lens. I need a long lens. I need a long lens. Maybe if I repeat it enough one will show up.  That bird right there is a cardinal and it is very pretty and poses for such lovely pictures as long as I am far a way. Must work on the long lens situation.

February 8 
Manual focus for the win. This duck is actually super tiny and this is the first time that I have ever really captured it!