Monday, August 31, 2009

08.31.09 Photo of the Day

So there's a story behind this one... We have these friends who have been married a few years and before they got married they had to take a couple's counseling class. One of the questions was to write down something the other did that totally annoyed them and then the second part was to write down a simple yes or no, if they never stopped doing that could you deal with it. We were discussing the pros vs cons of this question. Ditz's theory was that if you no the other person will never leave you, then you don't work on that thing. That prompted me to ask what my thing would have been. And he quickly said candy wrappers. I have a tendency to just leave them lying around. Good to know he won't leave me over it and I did throw this one away before he saw it. And funny enough that's a picture from our wedding in the background. : )

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