Wednesday, November 4, 2009

11.04.09 Photo of the Day

Hey, look I was actually able to post same day!! I am so proud of myself.  There are going to be a few pictures in this post becuase I like more than just the one and it's my blog and I can do what I want. Haha. Two weeks ago I started walking / running at lunch on the Katy Trail in Dallas (don't worry mom there is a huge police presense because it runs through the richest part of the city and they pay for it...) four days a week.  It has taken away from my scrapbooking time, but usually if I wait to go at night I may never get around to it and if Ditz wants to go when he gets home, then I just go again. Not sure if anyone ever saw the movie Yes Man with Jim Carrey, but in it the main girl had a class that she did that was jogging and photography. They never showed what their pictures looked like, but I've kinda wanted to try it since. So today I did it. I stopped to photograph because I don't think neither I nor the camera I currently own are capable of much else!  So anyway, here are my photos from today. The first one is the one I chose to be the official photo of the day!

You are probably wondering what this is... well it's the view of Fitzhugh Avenue from the Katy Trail bridge that runs over it. I just love the little circles all down the railing.

Another view of the same bridge.

The place I had to turn around today since I stopped so many times to take pictures.  (Turning around here means only 2.2 miles and my daily goal is 3 miles).

There are tons of houses, condos and apartments that back up to the trail and this is my favorite foot bridge to one of those places.  There are lots of really cool ones, but I like this one the best. 

And a flower. Just wouldn't be me if there were no flowers.

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  1. Well as long as you are sure that you are safe, and that a stalker is not tracking your blog looking for the nicest young lady in Texas then I guess it is ok. I love have the best kid in Texas and would hate for anything to ever happen to you.


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