Sunday, November 8, 2009

It's my birthday!!

I had a great birthday this year!  I got new rain boots from my mom, a purse from my m-i-l Lisa, new pants and a sweater from my m-i-l Judi and new shoes from Ditz!  Here's a few photos from my birthday weekend! 

The flowers on the left are from my hubby and the one's on the right are from my friend Pam.

The roses (and sunflowers) from Ditz with the roses from Pam in the background.

In addition to the flowers, Pam also made me my favorite dessert of all time: Cream Cheese Stroudle.  It always makes me super sick (loads of dairy) so she only makes it on my birthday.

So, I thought this was funny. It's funny, he didn't forget my birthday - just my name.

So for my birthday I got some new shoes from Ditz.  It's been a long time since I got a pair of good shoes!

My birthday dinner with Judi, Joe and Ditz.  I love Texas de Brazil.  It's pretty much all you can eat meat! I can only eat there every few years and I get enough meat to last forever!

After dinner, Ditz and I walked around downtown Fort Worth.

This is where we got married!

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  1. Well cant say anything, I still have you in my phone as White


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