Monday, November 2, 2009

Shreveport Trip

Here are a few more pictures from our recent Shreveport trip. I was quite happy that this time we did not loose our entire retirement fund, just a large portion! Lol.

My brother-in-law Hunter, his girlfriend Hollie Ryan, me & Ditz.  I just wish that someone would have mentioned that my bra strap was showing! We spent a few ours at the Louisianna Boardwalk doing some retail therapy!

The view from our hotel room on the 19th floor at the Horseshoe Casino.  The daytime and the nighttime views were great!

My first official birthday present this year!  It's from Lisa & Ditz and it is the most perfect Fossil purse! It is two sizes, which is neat. I can zip up the sides and it become super huge or I can leave them down and then it's just big. Lol.  Thank you guys again!!

One of the great things about our kennel is that we had the option to watch Chase on a webcam while we were gone.  And trust me, we were logged in everytime we were in the room.  You might wonder what he did while we were gone, well you are basically looking at it.  He just laid there. 

And one more rest stop photo!  I got a few photos of this little guy!  He just buzzed about while I snapped away.

And that's pretty much our trip! Doobie Brothers, gambling, shopping and watching the dog on the internet.

PS. When the statute of limitations expires, I might tell you about Hollie.

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