Thursday, December 3, 2009

You Capture: Happy


Ah, the things that make me happy.  Well they are numerous and far to long for this blog spot unless everyone wants to be reading until next week.  So, I picked just a few things at random and only ones that I had photos to illustrate.

Number one on my happy list? My hubby, Ditz. He's a wonderful man even if he hates having his picture taken, which is why I am surprised when occasionally we do get a photo together.  I especially love this one which was taken at the Gaylord Texan in Grapevine, Texas.  You may wonder what we were doing at a hotel in a city we live just ten minutes from? Well everyone had told us how beautiful it was wo we stopped on in to check it out. It truly is an awesome hotel.

Chase. Chaser Dog. Pooper. Cuddle Monster. Those are just a handful of his names.  He brightens our day and always makes us happy.  I just love how crazy he looks in the picture.  He was for sure in need of a grooming!

Photography.  It just makes me happy and as you can tell from this blog, it occupies a lot of my time.  When I signed on to do the photo a day thing, I figured like most things I would get tired of it a drop it, but I haven't missed one day since July and I can tell that my pictures are getting better.  I will continue next year because it's amazing the things that you forget!

I know I already mentioned the hubby, but this also makes me happy! (It's a long story that you can read here if your bored.)

Snow makes me so happy and we actually got some yesterday in Dallas! It didn't last long at all, but it was great while it was here!

And finally silly girls.  They just make me smile.  I was doing a photo shoot this past weekend for my sister-in-laws and this was my favorite shot from the day.  I said make funny faces and this is what Kaylee and Dagney came up with!

Want to see more pictures of happy things? Head over to I should be folding laundry and take a look!


  1. I tried to take a photo of my ring but it just didn't look right. Yours is fantastic!!!


  2. I love your dog! I used to have a collie back in the day, they're such loyal, loving pets. Although the constant haircuts were a must!

  3. Beautiful the holly! The faces in the last shot make me laugh!

  4. These are just lovely...thanks so much for sharing these Superior Snaps!

  5. Great captures! Sounds like you have so much for which to be grateful! Love the shot of the rings--and what they signify--and the expressions on your girls' faces are priceless! And snow? I've been reading status updates from my FB friends in TX. I can't believe there was snow there this week...and that that snow is supposed to be headed here to GA tonight!!

  6. What happy captures! I love the dog!

  7. Your dog is such a happy boy! Too Cute! Love the shot of the wedding rings. :)


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