Friday, January 15, 2010

01.15.10 Photo of the Day (Friday Photowalk)

Capture. It's my goal for the year and I intend on capturing the world around me and increasing my photography skills.  So, I decided that one day a week I should do my own mini photowalk. For those of you who don't know what a photowalk is click here. (Is there anything that Wikipedia doesn't know?) I work in Uptown Dallas which is a really hip, urban area and just a stones throw from Uptown is Highland Park, Texas.  Highland Park is where the richest of the rich live and there are beautiful parks and trails all through out. I have tons of places to walk around at lunch so it should be fun! This is my first Friday Photowalk.

Prather Park

The photo of the day.  I only tweaked the color a little, all that stuff that looks like texture is au natural. : )

Hello, there I am!

I love the In Memory benches.

Down in the gorge looking up. (It was a really dreary day in Dallas today).

Red berries.

These red balloons were everywhere.  There must've been a birthday party or something where the kids were popping balloons!

The swings were so sad.

These bridges go across a small stream that runs through the entire park.  There are probably twenty little bridges in all.

And since I really wanted to practice and play with the camera, today I played with back button focus. Thanks to Katrina for teaching me.  The shot above is autofocus and the two below are back button focused.

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  1. LOVE the swing shot! And so proud of you for trying out the back button focus! I love your treatment of those!


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