Friday, January 29, 2010

01.29.10 Photo of the Day & Friday Photowalk

Alternate post title is:

1. a devoting or setting aside for a particular purpose
2. self-sacrificing devotion

I am dedicated to the Friday photo walk, completely, totally and 100%. Last week I was sick, on my deathbed type of sick and still I did one. Granted it was a drive, but that was only because I barely had the energy to snap a picture, much less walk somewhere. Now it’s week 3; the temperatures are in the mid 30’s and it’s raining. I thought about not going. I don’t own a heavy coat, just a bunch of small jackets. I also don’t own an umbrella. Such a random thing not to own, but I don’t have one. The reasoning is the same for both, for as little time as I would use both, I would rather just be without. Running between the car and insert place here is fine for me sans jacket or umbrella. Ironically, I do own not one but three pairs of rainboots, so I was all set on the footwear front. So, it’s cold and wet, but I am dedicated. I am going to do it. I just need to borrow an umbrella, not for me mostly for my camera. I am way more concerned about it. So I use my friend Natalie’s pink umbrella and I tuck my jeans into my rainboots and put on my light jacket and head out.

Seriously, this is what I looked like. Cute, huh? I could totally be a fashion model. All that being said (and shown). I did go to Glencoe Park, which is on my list of parks in the area to visit for these photo walks. There’s not really a lot here: a baseball diamond, a small playground, a tennis court and a small walking trail. It’s also right near the freeway, so it wasn’t very relaxing and I was so concerned about getting the camera wet.
This is the photo of the day. I debated it a lot. I purposefully got the umbrella in the shot and focused on the tree instead on the umbrella.  Not 1000% sure it was the right choice, but I've made it and it's the one I am sticking with. : )

This was on the ground.

You can see the reflection of the umbrella.


I love pictures of swings.

This is about three inches of water which I trudged through to get a better picture.

So sad.

And no one was playing tennis.

Raindrops. Sort of.

Baseball field.

The other side of the field.

The umbrella.

And if today wouldn't have been Friday and I wouldn't have gone on the walk, then this would've been my photo of the day.  Our local Starbucks is now carrying cupcakes.  It was awful. I mean really bad, but at least my boss bought it for me so it was free and it took a pretty picture! : )


  1. Loving the idea of a photo walk - go you for sticking with it. I'm drooling over the cupcake shot!

  2. Wouldnt it be NICE if all the things we want like cupcakes and candy were awful if we did not need them. So if you had the calories to spare it tasted great and if not, oh well. Or we could even use the random method, you never know if "that one is the great tasting one or not".


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