Sunday, January 3, 2010

12.29.09 Photo of the Day

While we were in Arkansas visting my parents I just had to take a trip with Ditz to Petit Jean State Park.  It was cold and the middle of winter, but we had fun.  The photo of the day was all free hand. I was leaning between a tree and a rock.  We'd already put the tripod away when I decided on this shot and it was my favorite of the day!

My favorite picture of us.

Not sure what these are, but I thought they were pretty.

There were these cool little crosses on top of an old building.

The grave that they believe belongs to Petit Jean.

Ice, ice baby....

Trail marker.

Ice on the tree with the waterfall in the background.

Another picture of us. This was hard to get with the 10 second timer. There was lots of ice.

The falls and the stream.

Sometimes he can be so silly.

Crossing the bridge on the way back.

Someone carved a heart on this rock and it wasn't us.

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