Monday, January 11, 2010

I heart faces, Week 2: Best Face Photo”

It's another Monday which means a new I heart faces photo challenge. The rule was that the picture had to be taken in December or January, so I went to my Christmas Day photos.  There were lots of nieces and a nephew and I figured I had to have gotten one great one of just the face.  The one I would have used had I been thinking clearly last week was the one of my nephew Jax, but since I used it in last weeks challenge I couldn't use it again.   Then I came upon this shot of my niece Kaylee.  She's in her pajamas after opening all her presents (we do it at night) and sipping on her drink.  Then a crazy lady with a camera appears and she just looks at me.  Most adults would've turned away or smiled or something other than continue sipping on their drink.  Instead, no crazy looks, just you want my picture, you got it. 

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  1. I love the effect on this photo. Great job.


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