Thursday, January 14, 2010

You Capture: Winter


This weeks theme is winter and in North Texas that typically means temperatures in the 50's, but not this year.  We've had three, that's right, three winter storms! Two produced snow and one just produced a lot of ice. So here is my winter!

This was our first snowfall of the year. Yep I got excited over this.

And then Christmas Eve this happened.  It never snows like this in Texas!

That's our snowman. He was sad!

It was still pretty on Christmas morning!

I've been wearing these a lot since it's been so cold!!

And finally the day we had a high of 16. The water dripped all day in our master bath.

Go check out other winter scenes at I should be folding laundry!


  1. I also love the gate shot! The Christmas morning shot is amazing, too. 16 would be so cold if you're used to 50's . . . it's cold here and we're supposed to be that cold!

  2. I love the photo of the boots, we have a huge pile of uggs by the front door where everyone takes theirs off.

  3. That first shot of the open gate is gorgeous! And didn't the sun and beautiful blue sky on Christmas morning make up for the yucky Christmas Eve?

  4. Beautiful pictures! Thanks for stopping by June Makes Six.

  5. Love those. Especially the 4th one down.
    Are real uggs lined with real sheep skin? Just curious. :)


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