Sunday, February 14, 2010

02.14.10 Photo of the Day

So, here's what happened. Ditz drove me all the way to my office yesterday to pick up my laptop so that I could play around with the snow pictures. There is this chocolate place near my office so we thought we'd pick up some chocolates for valentine's day. In my excitement to get out of the car, I somehow forgot to move my hand out of the door. The door actually latched. It took me forever to get Ditz off the phone so that he could help me! (But we still got chocolate) So now I have a splint on my finger. : )

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  1. So, I read this post on my phone this morning and thought, "Oh, I hope Ditz wasn't on the phone with Rob at that point," but I couldn't comment from my phone. I mentioned it to Rob tonight and, yes, Ditz was on the phone with him during this very incident. I know it's not my fault, but I'm so sorry about your finger and I hope it heals soon!

    But most importantly, a VERY BIG THANK YOU for being Rob's / my chocolate broker! I've only eaten two pieces because I'm trying to savor every bite, but it's AWESOME! So, thanks for helping with the Valentine's Day gift. I really love it.


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