Friday, February 19, 2010

02.19.10 Photo of the Day & Friday Photowalk

It's Friday! And since I have really enjoyed the alternate titles in the last couple of Friday photowalk posts, I think I am going to keep up the tradition!

Alternate title: Finally. As in finally a good day to go out and take a picture. Not too cold a little overcast, but I could deal with that. I finally made it to Tietze Park which is where I intended to go two Friday's back before having the car trouble.  Now here's the thing.  You may wonder if I check out these places beforehand or if I just show up and hope for the best.  Well, it's mostly a just show up kind of thing.  Some are places that I have seen or places I drive past on my daily travels around Dallas. And some, like Tietze Park, are ones that I've never seen and actually had to map out how to get to. I'm not going to lie, I was a tad disappointed in the park overall, but I did get a few good photos.

02.19.10 Photo of the Day.  This was done by nature (I can only assume) because there were tons of tables will little leaves sticking out of them.

I should mention that this is what I look like trying to take pictures right now. My finger is in the splint for two weeks.  This is my reflection on my car window.

I love fences.

I wore the wrong shoes today.  They got all muddy.

Chess anyone? I thought these were cool.

Spring may be just around the corner. (There was still a little snow on the ground in places - lol)

Some poor little kid lost this toy.

Almost all the trees looked like this.  Something bad happened along time ago to knock them all down and yet they continue to grow.

How cool is this? You can see the spider web coming off the bud.

I loved the tone on tone of this.

This is what the trash cans were chained to. I thought they were cool.

This is my runner up POTD. I don't know why, it just sort of speaks to me.

Plus one other great thing about today's photowalk.  I only shot in RAW. Which will mean nothing to almost everyone, but it was one of my goals for February.  I worked up to it because I was chicken.  I started the month shooting in RAW & JPG. While in Houston I got rid of the JPG's, but this was my first big shoot (186 photos today) shot in RAW.  I am proud.

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  1. I am so proud of you too! I love the shots and do think the lock is my favorite. There is just something about.

    Love your finally photo walk :)


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