Thursday, February 25, 2010

I can't leave well enough alone....

I have mentioned before that in March my mom is going to the AKC Agility Nationals with bubble dog - I mean Hannah.  Each state gets shirts made to wear on state day (reminds me of those funky days we had back in high school....).  This year, the shirts all say G.R.I.T.S. (and then smaller, girls running in the south). See all the dogs that qualified in Arkansas are girl dogs. Girls rule, boys drool. Anyway, something else they get to (or have to, not sure which) do is do photos in front of the state flag.  It's the one time I wished I lived closer to home or could've run up to take pictures (I'm an awesome photographer in case you haven't heard).  But, I don't live close enough. So someone else took the pictures.  So what did I HAVE to do with them? Edit them. They may never use the edited versions, but I like them. So here they are. (and yes, I am still bored and will be for the next few days.....probably would've never played around with them if I wasn't bored.)

Group Photo:

My edit: I brightened up the colors and I edited out the feet of the people holding the flag.....and I might've shaved a few wrinkles off. Just maybe. (She's the one on the right with the sheltie - we love sheltie's).



My edit.

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  1. Wished you could have shaved 10 pounds off of me. Darkend my gray hair, fixed my chin, oh heck you could just paste someone else in for me--Sandra Bullock or maybe Nancy kerrigan (always wanted long legs too).


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