Tuesday, March 30, 2010

03.30.10 Photo of the Day

I never got around to documenting what Ditz got for his birthday a few weeks ago so with not a lot going on photo-wise figured I'd do that today. His mom got him that top remote, it's a super fancy universal remote and replaces all five of the other remotes!


Chaser dog. Also known around our house as fluffy-butt, cuddle-monster and buuuuddy. No lie. Those are just a few of his nicknames.

Monday, March 29, 2010

03.28.10 Photo of the Day

This was one of the slightly more blurry pictures of the bunch, but I still like it best. You can see the house reflected in the ball, Ditz just tossed the ball in the air and Chase is trying to catch it and pop it. This is a typical Sunday in our backyard when the weather is nice!
Just before that last shot.

Also our flowers are blooming.
And it was the first mow of the year!!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

03.27.10 Photo of the Day & the 28 hour vacation...

We decided at 5:30 pm on Friday afternoon to make the trip to Tulsa to watch my mom compete in the AKC Agility National Championships.  We left Argyle (after dropping off Chase at Ditz's mom) at 7:00 pm and drove to Tulsa arriving just after midnight then we made it back home on Saturday night around 11:00 pm.  We got up, showered and went to the show. Here are way too many pictures!!
Photo of the day.  I thought this was funny.

Photo by Ditz. This is Hannah (she was competing).

This is by me. Also Hannah.

Go, Hannah, go! (Photo by Ditz)

Hannah and mom. (photo by Ditz)

Paint (another dog that my mom runs for a friend of hers) was in the high score class screen for a while. (Photo by Ditz)

This is paint. She's a cutie! (Photo by me)

Welcome!! (Photo by me)

Paint watching Hannah's run.  Photo by me.

Check out all the photos here.

03.26.10 Photo of the Day and Friday Photowalk

I love Fridays!  It's my favorite day of the week for many reasons, one of them being my photo walk!  This week I went to another section of Lakeside Park in Highland Park, Texas. 
Photo of the Day.  Love these leaves on the concrete.

Red berries and railing.

A new bud.

This was my runner up. I love bridges.

Blooms and blue sky.


A very old park bench.

It had leaves growing through it.

Check out the natural.

More texture.  I was playing around.

Straight out of the camera. : )

See you next week!


Our wedding day....and also how many miles I had on my car on Friday night driving through Stroud, Oklahoma. So, yes in three years I have put 80,808 miles on my car. (as of this morning it was actually closer to 81,500)

Friday, March 26, 2010

03.25.10 Photo of the Day

The point of the photo of the day project is to have a concrete glimpse of your life. When I look back at each photo, I can remember exactly what was going on and why I chose that particular picture. And I will admit that there are times when I choose a technically better photo instead of one that shows more of what my day was like. Today is not going to be one of those days. Today, I am going with the photo that tells you about my day and me and who I am. I had an icky day. Not bad as in BAD, but just one of those days where you just feel like blah. Bad description, but that's all I've got. I was overly annoyed by a project at work. I hate Jillian Michaels and was cursing as I was doing the Shred (but I did it, I might just be dedicated, lol). After all that: work, exercise and laundry, I needed to make dinner. I limit the amount of TV I watch in the evenings because it was seriously getting ridiculous, so I now listen to music while making dinner. Ditz usually isn't home and can't complain about the music, so I turn it up and I feel better. Usually I just choose one of the Genius Playlists (your phone makes them for you, grouping together like music so one style is played). Whoever came up with that is genius. Seriously. Here are my mixes, which I think shows how eclectic my music style is apparently: adult alternative pop, adult alternative rock, alternative/rock, contemporary country, country, pop, teen pop, urban crossover and punk. So what kind of mood was I in today?? That's right, punk.  I instantly felt better after getting all "punky," lol!

And the techincally better photo that I didn't go with?
Dinner.  Food is always a willing subject, but I am pretty sure I'll eat asparagus again. : )

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Gallery Standouts?? Are you kidding me??

It's sort of a big deal. To me anyway.  There's this group of awesome people (I thought they were awesome before just now) goes around and chooses digital scrapbook pages that they think are standouts!  And they chose me. It's my first time and I was plum giddy. And then I showed Ditz and he was like "what makes that so special." He's a Debby-Downer. : )

Gallery Standouts (click here to see the site) It was the page below, which honestly is the first from scratch spread I've done in a few months! : )

Scrapbook Pages

It's been a long time since I've shared any of my "masterpieces."  So here are the ones that I've completed in the last month or so! You can click the link below to be taken to my Designer Digitals gallery for all credits.  (All products are from DD)

Snow right.  (These four pages go one right after another, hence the matching papers - I'm a dork)

Yeah, I really need to get on the ball.  I was in a rut for a while where I just kept throwing out pages.  I hope that I have now moved on!!

03.24.10 Photo of the Day

Someday little guy you'll be a flower like your buddy! I am so surprised the freezing temps didn't kill the flowers in the front garden.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

03.23.10 Photo of the Day

I love it when my favorite rice dish is on sale! I also love lining them up like little soldiers ready to make dinner better! (Plus it's gluten-free, believe it or not most boxed rices are not!!)

03.22.10 Photo of the Day

So my last two POTD's have been of snow and now just a day later we're in the 70's and I am wearing flip flops & shorts and hangin out in the back yard! (This shot was hard to get, my abs did not care for this at all).

Monday, March 22, 2010

03.21.10 Photo of the Day

We woke up to snow still on the ground from Saturday's snow "storm." Alas, it was gone by noon and today I am wearing flip flops. : )

Sunday, March 21, 2010

03.20.10 Photo of the Day

Do you remember yesterday's post?  The Friday photo walk where I was wearing shortsleeves and was warm?  It was 70 degrees.  Then on Saturday snow.  Can you believe it!  Hopefully the last snow storm of the year for us. I can't remember a year when we've had this much snow in Texas.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

03.19.10 Photo of the Day and Friday Photo Walk

Alternate title: Free!!  I only worked a half day on Friday so I was not bound by geography for this Friday's walk.  I had originally planned on going to Lakeside park again before I decided to take the afternoon off.  There's this park off the freeway (right off the freeway - ugh) in Irving which I only see on my way to and from work. I am never going to stop on my way home on a regular workday, but opted to stop on Friday. (Ditz and I had plans but I didn't have to be home until 1:00 pm).  So here is Jaycee Park in Irving, Texas!

Photo of the Day. This was in the Native Texas plant section, but I have no idea what it is.

There were tons of ducks and they didn't get a rats behind about anyone walking near them.

This is in the Irving police fallen officers grove. Each officer has a tree and a rock.

This guy. He was my friend.

This guy not so much.  He freaked me out.

He started coming towards me and eventually got out of the water. I think he was going to eat me.

I loved this bridge.

Just another view.

I don't intend to always include a picture of me, but sometimes the opportunity just arises.

They had just run the sprinklers.

And one last picture!  See you guys tomorrow!!