Saturday, April 10, 2010

04.09.10 Photo of the Day and Friday Photowalk

I did do a short photowalk this week.  Still not 100%, but I am getting there!  In addition to the accident, I am also dealing with a cold and I had two root canals this week. Yuckie for me.  So anyway, here's this weeks photowalk. Taken at William Dean Park in Turtle Creek.

Photo of the day.  Love the blue sky and reflection!

This was the runner up.  I really like the greens.

I have six hundred pictures of this purple flower. Taken over the last eight weeks or so.  It was the first thing that bloomed and it's everywhere.

Do you see the turtle?

Pollen. Aagh!

I took this picture as an inside joke.  Can't explain it to you guys..... but I think it'll make a certain someone laugh!

This post processing was completely accidental.  Not even sure I could repeat the process that kept the bronze color and got rid of all the other color.  I really like the effect though....

More pollen - aagh.

I was trying to get better pictures of the water drops but this was the best I got.

And I leave you with a weed, which is what we are battling in our yard right now. : )

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