Wednesday, April 14, 2010

04.14.10 Photo of the Day, plus more

Today was a hard day to pick my photo of the day.  It's always hard on Fridays because I take about two hundred pictures, but it's rarely ever hard on a random Wednesday.  My life just isn't that exciting! Ha. Anyway, I was apparently in a good photo mood!!  This arrived in the mail today.  Yes, another new brownie, but this one is so tiny! My hubby helped me strategize and when this guy on e-bay.  You would've thought I was bidding a million dollars!!  (Oh, and look we are getting leaves!)

Watering my poor little flowers.

This ones for the hubby - the tree is ALIVE!

And an iPhone photo.  Took Chase to Petsmart this evening. He had such a great time and he got new treats, what more could a puppy ask for!

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