Sunday, April 18, 2010

04.18.10 Photo of the Day

It's raining and has been all weekend which pretty much sucks! I had planned earlier in the week to go to the Fort Worth Botanic Garden this weekend in hopes of getting some flowers in bloom.  And then the rain came.  There was supposed to be a brief break in the rain around mid day so I decided that I was going to go to anyway.  It never stopped raining, but luckily it was just a drizzle (why does Snoop Dog carry an umbrella? For drizzle...yeah, I'm a dork).  I finally got to use the "all weather" feature on my camera bag, however I found just keeping it in my jacket was way easier.  Despite the rain, there were a fair number of the people out and about.  Even a few professional portrait sessions, which was kind of weird. To check out all of the photos, you can click here.

There's this "rule" in photography that if you see red, you should take a picture of it. This is a red work bench that I saw at a distance and trudged through water that went over the top of my boots to further investigate. I have no idea what they use it for, but it was leaning against what appears to be a maintenance shed.  I want one!!

Quick view of the other "5 star" photos. (Again you can click here to see them larger.)

A photowalk by the numbers:
265 Pictures Taken
33 "5 star" photos
3 serious POTD contenders
1 hour walk

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