Sunday, April 25, 2010

04.23.10 Photo of the day & Friday Photo Walk

I love it when a Friday works out that I take a half day off work (this time for Dr appointments, but still). It means that I can walk anywhere and not be bound by geography.  The last time this happened I ended up at a less than stellar location, but I took some pictures and made it work.  This time, I ended up at a great location, but they were planting trees and using lots of heavy equipment which tends to know me off my photo taking game.  I am swinging in this picture. You'll never know how many attempts it took to get a decent picture or how much my abs hurt afterwards. I don't remember swinging hurting this much as a child.
You just don't see these that often anymore.

I am really into this shape against the sky. (Wait until you see some of the Saturday pics)

It's been awhile since I've shared some sunflare!

Another hard picture to take. I was actually going to walk down, but stopped.

I found the most perfect climbing trees.

And a few more! You can view them all here. Newest are at the bottoem.

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