Wednesday, April 28, 2010

04.25.10 Photo of the Day

We left on Sunday to go over to my mother-in-law's house and this guys was barely a bud. Six hours later we returned and this beautiful flower had bloomed. I was even able to capture (sort of) the elusive pink flowers on our sage. They usually just look like blobs, but at least there is a little definition here! Plus the yucca is blooming too, but it's so stinking tall I;d never be able to get it into a shot with any other flowers!

Here are a few other pics from Sunday!
Other people do this with kids, well Chase is kind of like my kid, so into the bluebonnets he went!
Speaking of bluebonnets.... I have taken several pictures of them the last few weeks, but something is always better.  Wouldn't be a Texan if I don't get at least one photo of the day of bluebonnets, but I only have a few weeks of blooming left!

Here is Cojak!
And Cojak in black and white!

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