Saturday, May 1, 2010

04.30.10 Photo of the Day & Friday Photowalk

Boy was it ever muggy yesterday.  I am not sure what the summer holds for me, but I can bet I'll be toasty!  This week I ventured into University Park, Texas and checked out to adjoining parks, Goar & Williams.  There were a bunch of ladies having a mid day tennis lesson. I felt a little silly taking pictures of them, so I shot the balls instead. I wish I would've taken pictures of the four Louis Vuitton bags, but I didn't. I did the same thing on this photo that I did with the picture of Ditz, I turned everything black and white and just left the green.

I loved these little dead flowers.  They made star shapes which was kind of neat!

Tons of roses in bloom.

Might've done a little pink overboard on this one, but oh well.

A view of the lake and picnic area.

That is someone's house!  Can you believe that?

This is the view from the Univerity Park police station. Yes, I said police station.

Want to see the whole set? Click here.

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