Friday, May 14, 2010

05.14.10 Photo of the Day & Friday Photowalk

Another week down! This Friday I did manage to only do one walk, meaning I did not delete the card like last week.  I thought about going back to the same first park as last week, but opted for a new one so that when I do make it back to the one from last week it will be "new." So this week I went to Coffee Park, again in University Park.  I've decided that when I grow up I want to live in University Park. Today's photo of the day is straight out of the camera.  I actually played around with it and ended up like the SOOC version best. How funny!
This is the fence that surrounds the park on the side that butts up against a major highway.

I love it when I see other people do an edit like this, but when I do it I'm just not sure.

The ground. I liked it.

Made in the USA.

I've tried to stay away from flowers lately since I seem to take so many pics of them, but this one caught my eye.

Coffee Park.  Seriously has the best playground around, but I alway avoid taking pictures of areas where kids are playing.  I am going to go back in bad weather to get some snaps.

I am loved. : )

I heart water meters. Don't ask.

Again with the vintage-y edit.  I still don't know about this one either.

The tree is eating this metal chain. : )

Until next week!!

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