Monday, May 31, 2010

05.28.10 Photo of the Day & Friday Photo Walk

This week I went to the closest park to my office, which I had previously avoided since it has been underconstruction.  They finally finished a portion of it so I thought this would be a good week to try it out.  It was so stinking hot, I wanted to be able to get back to the office ASAP!  Not sure I can handle a June, July and August walk.  We'll have to wait and see...

These guys littered the ground everywhere.  Someone must've had a great water balloon fight.
Yes, this is out of focus. And on purpose.  No idea why I liked it this way, but I thought it was cool.

Creepy little spider.

Red rings.


There are still unfinished portions...

This grass is apparently off limits.

Yeah, it's a trash can.

More balloon death.  Did you know that every summer a million balloons lose their lives?

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