Thursday, May 13, 2010

You Capture: Yellow

I don't play the you capture game as often as I'd like and then the one week I have time, the theme is yellow.  I don't love yellow, barely even like yellow, but I did capture some this past week and will share.  This is also my 400th blog post. Man, I talk a lot.

Yum, my favorite nut mix: cashews, almonds & macadamia.

There's a tiny bit of yellow mixed in with all that red! (we like it hot)

I've been meaning to take this picture and share it for a while, as it really to me shows who we are.  See Ditz brought those gray ugly dishes into our relationship and I brought the pretty orange/yellow ones.   I'm not say he's doom and gloom and I am sunlight, but it just goes to show how different we are.  Now we need to get rid of these and get a matching set. Someday maybe.

And lastly a different version of one of last weeks POTD.  Yum, candy.

Check out more yellow at i should be folding laundry!


  1. I love the shot of the candy!

  2. Yum..the candy looks amazing! Great idea to go around your kitchen looking for yellow!


  3. I love the story about the plates- too funny!

  4. MMMMmmm candy!!!! :D
    congrats on #400 - you must talk, or actually WRITE a lot :D HUGS!


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