Thursday, June 3, 2010

You Capture: Your Best

This weeks theme over at i should be folding laundry is Your Best. Normally, we can do tons of photos that we've taken throughout the week that meet the theme.  This week we have to choose one.  One measly little photo that we're sayin loud and proud is our very best.  In one week, I took 734 pictures.  That's right 734. Those of you guys that regularly follow my blog are thinking at this point that you are going to see one of my photo of the day shots. You would be wrong.
See, to me, my photo of the day project is my favorite photo from the day. Most days it's my best, some days it's the one that tells the story and other days it's the one that make me laugh.  That's what happened on May 30. I chose a photo that made me laugh and will remind me for years to come what goobers those boys can be. It was not best, it wasn't even close, but it made me laugh.  I also included in that post some of the "ham" shots of Hunter and Ryan, but this is the first official look at one of the "real" engagement shots. These two are just gorgeous which makes photographing them so much easier.  Ok, I've talked long enough. My best:

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  1. love the shot! its too cute
    I have joined in too
    Plz do visit

  2. What a beautiful engagement session you did. Just gorgeous : )

    Hey! I see you are going on the photo walk tomorrow in Dallas. Have fun. I love Jennifer Froh! She is the nices! And of course Amy is nice too! Have a great day!


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