Sunday, July 18, 2010

07.16.10 Photo of the Day and Friday Photo Walk

Friday Photo Walk. This is an old rusted well that I stumbled upon on this weeks walk. It'd been filled in, presumably so that people like me would not fall in. Almost all of the paint was chipped, but the details were beautiful. You can tell that back when someone took care of it,it was greatness.
Photo of the day.
The pulley.
More peeling paint.
Yeah, yeah. Sunflare.
I love these. They look like little hearts.
Ball field. Seemingly abandoned.
Look how clear the fuzzies are!
I like these guys, too! Until next week!


  1. What is your inspiration? Lovely photos.

  2. I wish I knew where my inspiration comes from because I would love to bottle it up and share! Right now there's just something about a camera in my hand that makes me go wild. It's not always like that for sure because there are days when my pics are completely uninspiring!


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