Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Some favorites

I haven't really posted any pictures in the last little bit of anything other than my photo of the day so I thought I'd go back and show some favorite photos that didn't make it to be THE photo of the day, but are still pretty photos and let's be honest, pretty photos should be seen. : )

So, yeah. You knew there's be sunflare in my faves.  (there's actually more  - ahhh!).  I just really loved the psot processing on this one.  It's really a bland photo straight out of the camera, the type I probably normally wouldn't eidt, but I did. And I really like it!

I belong to probably thirty groups on Flickr.  Lots of them I just post something in every now and again, but some are always in my mind as I am shooting.  The DD 365 project is always on my mind, duh it's my 365 group. But the other one I contribute to the most is called Fence Friday.  It's a group of people who take pictures of fences and then post them on Friday and only Friday.  That works out well for me since there is generally some sort of fence on my Friday photo walk.  This was last weeks fence.

Another shot of the Old Alton Bridge.  I really enjoy taking pictures here.

More sunflare and the bridge.

We found this star and contacted the person who sent it up in the air via balloon.  It's a very sad story, but we made the ladies week by calling her and sending her a few pictures of where we found the star. 

So those are some favorites from the last week or so that hadn't seen the light of day yet!

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