Sunday, September 19, 2010

09.18.10 POTD

The eyes have it! Ha-ha.  We were in  the backyard palying around with the macro lens and thought it would be a brilliant idea to photograph our eyes. (Actually it was Ditz's brilliant idea and he did a way better job than me). Anyway, first up my photo of the day which is a super clos-up of Ditz's eye.
Can you tell me all the things you see in his eye?  I can practically make out our entire back yard.

Now for two pictures he took of me. Now you are probably wondering why I am putting two pictures of my own eyes and only one of his eyes. Well, truth be told both his eyes look the same and mine do not.  First his best picture of my right eye. Please ignore the puffy eye as I am having allergy issues at the moment. Oh, and also ignore the mascara...

My eyes aren't bright blue, but more of a grey-blue most days. Creepy, huh?

And then there is my left eye which would not stop watering and that is why this picture isn't as clear.  When people ask me what color my eyes are, I always say they are 7/8 blue and 1/8 hazel.

See a quarter of my left eye is more of a hazel or golden brown. Pretty neat.

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