Sunday, October 10, 2010

10.02.10 POTD & Vacation Day 9

The reason we rented a hotel room in Waltham for Friday night was so that we could get up early and hit a few of the Boston sites we missed before our afternoon flight.  So we managed to find a parking spot about a quarter of a mile from the Old North Church.  Which was super duper lucky and amazing.  We took a quick run through of the North part of Boston!
My photo of the day. They had a dog tag wall recognizing all the soldiers who have died during the Iraq and Afghanistan Wars.

I hope next time we have enough time in Boston to actually walk the entire freedom trail and not just hit parts of it.

The old North Church.

No idea what this was all about, but I really liked the picture anyway.

Just a random thing that I saw and liked.

Copp's Hill Burial Ground.  This is the guy that hung the lanterns in the old North Church to signal the British were coming.

I like lights.  Especially ones that look old yet still have new CFL's in them. : )

Waiting for the plane to take us home.

No idea what this lady was supposed to be doing, but it looked important.

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