Saturday, October 16, 2010

10.15.10 POTD & Friday Photo Walk

See, for those following along this evening, I told you I'd basically catch up! Yea, makes me very happy!  Yesterday on my Friday Photo Walk I went to Flag Pole Hill in Dallas. Flag Pole Hill is said to be haunted so if you are ever in the area at night you should check it out.  But don't drive your car because apparently the ghosts like to throw rocks. Or so I understand.  I will warn you their are a "few" flag pictures.
See, I couldn't go and not make this my photo of the day. I wish that I would have zoomed out ever so slightly to catch the end of the flag, but honestly there was a big gust right before I snapped.  It wasn't out quite that far.  I liked the picture enough to keep it my POTD.
A view of the actual hill.  It was quite lovely and is a pretty large park.

This one screamed moody to me. 

I tried to get the grass in focus and the flag not in focus, but that wasn't really working for me.  I still like this one anyway.  See I told you lots of flags.  Actually one flag with lots of shots.  I actually ended up with a hundred. Thank goodness for the survey view in lightroom!

I really liked the lighting ob this guy.

Sometimes I don't know why something catches my eye.  This one did because of the colors of the grass. 

Ghost hand prints. For real. Ghosts have blue hands. 

This was my runner up POTD.  But I figured it is Flag Pole Hill so the winner should be flag shot.

A shot of the entry. Really wish I could have gotten a better one!

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