Monday, November 8, 2010

11.05.10 POTD & Friday Photo Walk

I actually went back and forth about whether or not my photo of the day should be my new toy or one of the actual pictures I took on my photo walk.  In the end, my book made me decide. I really wanted this picture in the year end book, so it won out!
Took a walk at a cemetery and took lots of statue pictures.  This one was against a perfectly clear blue sky so i was able to play around in lightroom to get a cool glowing effect and darkening up the sides!
I love flags on graves.  This is a confederate soldier.

So this sunlight was a little freaky.  Also, this is the area that I saw four huge foxes in and nearly peed my pants.  But they left me alone and I left them alone and we all went on our merry way. 
I think these people were probably rich. They had a fence and really intricately carved headstones.

Each of these family members had a little hand holding flowers on their markers.  The girl ones were girl hands with dainty flowers and the boy ones were manly hands with flowers. 

Lots of confederate soldiers.

Ironically, there was another lady wandering around taking shots as well.  She spent about twenty minutes on this lady.  I wish one of my full link shots would have turned out better, she was a really pretty angel.  I might go back again when it's a little overcast so you won't see the trees....

Probably when she was built there was no tree.  She's about 160 years old according to her inscription.

I really liked her as well. : )

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  1. Sarah - this looks like such a cool place to take photos! Love your shots!


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