Sunday, November 28, 2010

11.27.10 Photo of the Day and Kirk Family Thanksgiving

I shot 619 pictures on Saturday and picking one would be soooo very hard.  There are a couple of really neat smoke shots (from the smoker that was coking something), then there are tons of leaf shots, kids playing and other randomness.  But I thought long and hard and chose this one as the photo of the day.
It's the entire Kirk side of the family sitting down to Thanksgiving dinner.  I only took one shot like this and I was really surprised that everyone was smiling and no one blinked.  Ditz gets to sit at the head of the table since he's the only lefty, so he was in my spot (in case you were wondering about the chair). 
I also shot the Ratcliffs.  




Kelli and Jerry
Then the Pawlewiczs


Jenny and Dagney

Ditz took this one, isn't it cute? All the kids were having a great time in the leaves

It really wouldn't be Thanksgiving without rides on the mule from Grandpa Joe. 

Hey, look. It's me with my mother-in-law, Judi.  I hate that we weren't looking at the same camera. : ) 


And heaven help us, Lindsey is learning to drive. They were practicing parallel parking here.  She only took out nine "cars." 

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