Thursday, December 30, 2010

12.25.10 Photo of the Day & Christmas!!

I tried something different for this post. I edited every single photo the same way.  I am really into black and white at the moment, plus these were shot at a super high ISO so I feel they look better in black and white... Anyway, without further ado:

This is basically the Kirk family Christmas. Kids, parents, adults, teenagers who think they are adults (wink), cameras, presents, and a good glass of scotch to help the boys get through it all.   I think this is the type of picture that I'll look back on later and will be happy to have.
My husband. The marshmallow bow and arrow hunter. (You can make out the tiny marshmallow heading my way) Chase ended up eating about five to ten off the ground before we caught him. Luckily no tummy ache for him. 

I am sure they were checking out a totally awesome gift that we got them. : ) 

Photo by Ditz.  Jax has no idea why the adults think this is funny. Notice Aunt Kelli laughing....

And then there's dad laughing.....

I mean seriously how funny is this?

Lindsey may or may not have been a tad bored since she got to wait and open presents with the adults.

This was my runner up POTD.  It's really pretty in color, but I didn't want it to be the only one in color.

Lindsey, finally opening presents. She got that necklace that she's wearing around her forehead. 

Jerry, Jerry, Jerry. What can I say. He got that back pack and those jeans for Christmas.  We kind of thought the jeans were a little feminine. So he gave us his best feminine pose.

And this one I had to include because it's hysterical. It's a snowman toilet seat cover and rug that someone gave to Judi. I am sure she will treasure it always. : ) 

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