Sunday, December 12, 2010

The H Family

Saturday I got the honor of shooting some kids. I had so much fun. We went to the Fort Worth Botanic Garden which just the week before had been packed with families taking pictures. I noticed then that no one was using the Fuller Garden for their shots (why I have no idea), so we basically had this little park to ourselves, so little A had the run of the garden!
I think there was an Asian man walking behind her when this was taken. One of only three other people we saw. 

There's a cool little bridge.

That goes over this little stream. (Trust me it is a very small and shallow stream).

The tickle monster was going to get her.

I just liked the green hair clip.

Baby brother D, in the house! 

Seriously, how happy is this guy?

This was really the best one of the two of them together.  I have no idea what she was attempting to do.

And one last shot.  These little tubes connect with other stations so you can whisper to your friends.  She was whispering to mom and mom was whispering back!

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