Wednesday, May 18, 2011

It's food week!!

Super exciting because I love food. : ) This week over at Capture your 365 we're doing food and I have to tell you if you want to drool, go take a look at the gallery. There are so many wonderful looking foods! So without further ado, my first four days worth of food shots!

05.15.11 (Prompt was photograph something you eat)
05.15.11 - 135/365
Ditz was able to get our grill working and made this lovely plate of food for me (well, I did the rice. Rice is hard to make...) Anyway, we tried a new spice on the chicken and let's just say I won't be using that spice for a long while!

05.16.11 (prompt was photograph something edible)
05.16.11 -136/365
The dentist will kill (as if he reads my blog) but my favorite thing about staying at a hotel is the ice. Perfectly bite sized. Sucked I was only there for one night!

05.17.11 (prompt was photograph food with a prop)
05.17.11 - 137/365
Those apples aren't real. Don't try to eat one, you'll just hurt yourself.

05.18.11 (prompt was sweet)
05.18.11 - 138/365
I should have dipped them in sugar since that is my preferred way to way to eat them. If I had a macro lens I would have for sure, but alas....

Stay tuned for the next group of food photos!

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