Tuesday, July 19, 2011

i heart faces: Props

This weeks challenge is about props and well, boys with flowers constitutes a prop in my opinion. I mean they would never really want their picture taken with flowers, but agreed because it was funny (it still is). So, here are the boys with their props!

Monday, July 4, 2011

Last Week

Happy Fourth of July!! Here's what's been going on for the last week in my neck of the woods.

06.26.11 - 177/365
A gift from my mother-in-law that Ditz really does not like. : ) (by the way, I love it)

06.27.11 - 178/365
It was only a matter of time. When we bought our house we'd hoped to get one year neighbor-free and instead we managed to make it three and a half years. Our across the street neighbors came over and offered their condolences. Ha-ha. At least it's just one side. Who knows when the lot on the other side will get a sign.

06.28.11 - 179/365
Me before a 2 mile run in 106 degrees. Also the very last picture taken with my iPhone 3 before it died.

06.29.11 - 180/365
I'm such a technology nerd. I love the reports that this thing spits out after every workout. I also love not having to remember where I went to figure out how far I went!

06.30.11 - 181/365
Testing out the focus on my new iPhone.

07.01.11 - 182/365
Sushi at An Zen on Friday night. It was pretty good.

07.02.11 - 183/365
Birthday lunch for my father-in-law, Joe. Then we walked to a winery and happened to take the really long way. It was just a bit hot to be doing that.

07.03.11 - 184/365
Fourth of July party at the in-laws. Judi bought nine hundred plates and napkins. I think we'll be using red, white and blue all the way to Christmas.

Half way through my ten mile bike ride. It was positively pleasant.