Monday, July 4, 2011

Last Week

Happy Fourth of July!! Here's what's been going on for the last week in my neck of the woods.

06.26.11 - 177/365
A gift from my mother-in-law that Ditz really does not like. : ) (by the way, I love it)

06.27.11 - 178/365
It was only a matter of time. When we bought our house we'd hoped to get one year neighbor-free and instead we managed to make it three and a half years. Our across the street neighbors came over and offered their condolences. Ha-ha. At least it's just one side. Who knows when the lot on the other side will get a sign.

06.28.11 - 179/365
Me before a 2 mile run in 106 degrees. Also the very last picture taken with my iPhone 3 before it died.

06.29.11 - 180/365
I'm such a technology nerd. I love the reports that this thing spits out after every workout. I also love not having to remember where I went to figure out how far I went!

06.30.11 - 181/365
Testing out the focus on my new iPhone.

07.01.11 - 182/365
Sushi at An Zen on Friday night. It was pretty good.

07.02.11 - 183/365
Birthday lunch for my father-in-law, Joe. Then we walked to a winery and happened to take the really long way. It was just a bit hot to be doing that.

07.03.11 - 184/365
Fourth of July party at the in-laws. Judi bought nine hundred plates and napkins. I think we'll be using red, white and blue all the way to Christmas.

Half way through my ten mile bike ride. It was positively pleasant.

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